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About Glomed

GloMed is a leading provider of Ophthalmic Micro-Surgical Instruments, Ophthalmic Cannulas and Custom Designed Needles for OEM Supplies. In addition, we also supply veterinary hypodermic and special needles, body piercing needles and provide precision turned custom metal components made of brass, copper and other alloys.

GloMed specializes in developing custom medical solutions for our customers.Need private label products for your company - no problem. You have a design in mind and need a prototype sample ?we can make it

Our specializations

We have our specialization in ophthalmic products, veterinary products and OEM supplies. We also provide custom metal component solutions.

Ophthalmic Products

GloMed’s Ophthalmic product line includes micro-surgical instruments, cannulas and allied accessories

 Veterinary Products

We provide wide range of hypodermic reusable needles with square or round hubs, animal feeding, biopsy and spinal needles for veterinary use

OEM Supplies

Our machining capabilities include cutting, grinding, bending, brazing, etc. needed to supply high quality stainless steel blanks

 Custom Metal Components

Glomed Inc. is providing custom metal solutions for your engineering needs to lead the global market.